500 error after upgrade


Tried the “The One-Click Piwik Update” (which has always worked well in the past) to 2.6.1.
After update, I received a 500 error.

Tried the manual update to 2.7.0-b3 and have the same 500 error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Piwik\Plugin\ControllerAdmin’ not found in local-path-to-website/piwik/core/dispatch.php on line 16

Not being terribly familar with piwik’s files, I’m a little lost on where to go from here.

Here’s some server info if needed:
Platform Type Debian
MySQL Version 5.5.32
Perl Version 5.8.8
PHP Version 5.3



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

If you refresh the page does it work? Maybe restart the webserver (sometimes useful to clear php caches)?


Unfortunately, I’m unable to restart the server, it’s shared hosting.
Refreshing the page yeilds the same results.