5 minute install


Who the hell came up with this “5minute install”! I spent all night last night with your “5 minute install” WITH the help from the clowns at host gator and NOTHING!!! Looks like I am going to have to find a user freindly alternative. Shame to because I love the looks of the interface :X


Is there anyone who would be willing to take 5 minutes out of there time and help me with this “five minute” install since it only takes 5 minutes??? (:P)

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

You should try not to be so angry, it does not help and would only deteriorate your mental state.

You simply have to ask hostgator to disable mod_security on your host. We plan to make this clearer in the website and doc in the future.


Thank you so much, that makes me happy now :)-D


can you remove the last word from your subject then? This is free software and people have spent more than 500 hours writing code.


I edited. Is that what you are talking about???


So far I love these analytics.

(Lentera Kecil) #8

Do trial and error is an exciting experience


Thanks, I love these analytics too.