404-Error in SharePoint add-in

For testing I installed the Matomo-SharePoint add-in from Download SharePoint Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo .

However, after having installed the add-in in one Site, after clicking the “SharePoint Site Collection Analytics By Matomo”-Icon I see some page loading and then I get redirected quickly to https://sharepoint-analytics.azurewebsites.net/SharePointSiteCollectionAnalyticsByMatomo/Pages/Configuration.aspx?SPHostUrl=https://********.sharepoint.com/sites/matomo-test&SPAppWebUrl=undefined which results in a 404-Error.

I followed the installation exactly. Is there something more I need to do?

Hi Nils,

Thanks for the report. Could you please reach out to our team at shop@innocraft.com so we can help you finalise the SharePoint Analytics setup?

Thanks Matthieu,
Your answer then implies that this ist an intended result?