403 (Forbidden) on fresh install

I’m trying to move all my analysis to Motomo. I’m on shared hosting and I have set up a sub domain for Matomo. I downloaded the files and started the install.

First step went fine but as soon as I submitted the sql-settings i got the following error:

# 403 (Forbidden) - Åtkomst nekad

## Åtkomst nekad till begärd fil eller katalog.

## Access denied to requested file or folder.

## Begärd sida / Requested URL:


### Leverantör/Provider

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!


Is there maybe some .htaccess file or server config that blocks requests there?
Or are you maybe using mod_security?

There are not .htaccess file on the newly created subdomain (i just checked). I looked in the Matomo FAQ and tried to find an example .htaccess-file that I could use but I didn’t find any.

What do I need to put in it? Or even better a usable example?



The needed .htaccess will be generated automatically later. Can you check your web server log if there is a reason for the Forbidden?

Unfortunately I don’t think I can? I’m on shared hosting (where I’m running 3 wordpress blogs).

In that case I’d recommend you to contact your host as Matomo should work fine on a clean new host.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is caused by mod_secure.

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I had a similar problem to this, where I’d get random 403 errors for some of the AJAX requests used for the dashboard, leading to half-empty dashboards.

I’d also get 403 errors for the whole matomo page sometimes.

Turns out, problem was actually mod_evasive. I had to massively ramp up the tolerance for mod_evasive and everything was fixed.

Seems like matomo makes huge amounts of ajax requests, leading anti DDOS software to think it’s creating a DDoS attack.

Posting so this hopefully helps someone else.

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