4.6.2 -> 4.7.1 Update Error

Hey there,
just did 4.6.2 → 4.7.1 Update and got this Error Message after I confirmed Update (before DB Update Page):

The ui asset with 'href' = /var/www/piwik/plugins/CoreHome/angularjs/quick-access/quick-access.directive.less is not readable

I can access Matomo and don’t see any problems (SystemCheckPage also shows no signs of any Problem) … but not sure if I should be concerned about this Error … any ideas on that?

thx, bye from sunny Austria


Weirdly enough quite a few people are reporting missing files in the release zip, but whenever I check it (or they redownload it), the file is correct.

You might want to replace all files with the correct zip file (sha256 of 8f0ed37ca57130c35e1913ecf63466df8a6035fcbfeabdcabca24bc6246b81bb)

Correction, this seems to be a different issue as this file should indeed be gone with this release.

But I also can’t find any reference to it in the source anymore, so it should not try to load it. Could you try doing something like grep -r quick-access.directive in your Matomo directory?
Maybe clearing the cache also solves the issue.

Or can you check the integrity checker? Maybe some files didn’t get replaced during the update

Hey Lukas,

grep -r quick-access.directive → no matches

System Check Page →

rm "/var/www/piwik/config/environment/test.php" "/var/www/piwik/config/environment/ui-test.php" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/chroma-js/.npmignore" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/iframe-resizer/.ncurc.json" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/iframe-resizer/.prettierrc" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/jquery.browser/.npmignore" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/jquery.scrollto/.jscsrc" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/jquery.scrollto/.npmignore" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/ng-dialog/.npmignore" "/var/www/piwik/node_modules/qrcodejs2/.npmignore" "/var/www/piwik/vendor/matomo/device-detector/.yamllint" "/var/www/piwik/vendor/twig/twig/.php-cs-fixer.dist.php"

Also nothing with quick-access.directive.less


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Similar problem there:

@futureweb did you find a solution?

After the error that was thrown out once probably had no effect on the tracking or the GUI, I didn’t pursue the topic any further. I interpreted it as a brief hiccup during the update.

I feel like there might be some random old JS asset or cached value used during the update. And it is just more noticeable with this update as some JS files were moved to vue causing files to be deleted.

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I updated also from 4.6.2 to the version 4.7.1 over WebUpdate. After them i have error.

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("File `../../CoreHome/vue/src/MenuDropdown/MenuDropdown.less` not found. in anonymous-file-0.less"

I copy missing /plugins/CoreHome/vue/src/MenuDropdown folder to my Webspace and after Database update i have i have message “has been successfully updated”


Your issue is a bit different than what @futureweb is experiencing and exactly the same as reported in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/18724