[3.9.1] - "Password changed" E-Mail on automated Password changes by API

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #1

Hey there,
we have Matomo integrated into our SAAS CMS since ages. Also integrated automatic Password changes by API (UsersManager.updateUser). Now since we updated to 3.9.1 thousands of our Customers getting the “Password changed” E-Mail by Matomo when automated PW change is initiated. Of course lot’s of them calling/writing our Support because of this “unknown E-Mail” …
Is there any possibility to disable the “Password changed” E-Mail on AUTOMATIC PASSWORD CHANGES BY API?
Thank you, bye from Austria

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Hm, I just saw this change that fixes mails when using the LDAP plugin in 3.9.1.

But I don’t know if this also applies to the API.

If not, maybe open a Github issue.

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #3

Hi @Lukas ,
unfortunately this only prevents the E-Mail for the LDAP Module (or whenever “no Password confirmation is needed”) - API “UsersManager.updateUser” Method unfortunately also needs “Password confirmation” - so the E-Mail is triggered! :frowning:
Will open Github Issue then …

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #4