3.8.0 to 3.8.1 says it works, but still displays 3.8.0 as version

It tells me there’s an update to 3.8.1: “Matomo 3.8.1 is available.
Please update now! (see changes).
You are currently using Matomo 3.8.0.”

I click on the link and the ‘update automatically’ button.

It quickly says “Matomo has been successfully updated!” and has the ‘Piwik is now Matomo’ stuff (I’ve got it by now…)

I return to the dashboard, and there’s the update notification again.

Repeat, including after logging out and back in again.

It’s worked on another site and this is the first time this site has had issues with updates like this.

Reload your site without cache and it should fix itself.

Done that, and looked at it in a different browser. Still saying 3.8.0.

Just tried a third browser - its ad blocking meant the site didn’t look right, but it has updated in that.