3.13.1 "City" widget not displaying region/province/state when Geolocation uses the DBIP database

I just installed Matomo 3.13.1, downloaded, installed, and activated PHP Geolocation using the DBIP database as recommended in the initial setup.

The City widget of the Dashboard is not displaying the province or state of the locations. Also, when I hover over the Country flag icon in the Visits in Real-time widget, I am not seeing the province or state of the location. Just showing the City and Country is not good enough, especially in the USA, where the same city name often occurs in several states.

This used to work perfectly in older versions of Matomo, when the MaxMind City database was installed.

Yes, Maxmind broke the receipt of databases from them, so don’t worry, there is a way, but it requires hosting like VPS
If you have such a hosting, I can help with advice

Thank you. I know how to get the current version of the MaxMind City database.

The point is, that when the DBIP database is installed, the results displayed by the City widget are incomplete and virtually useless since they don’t include the name of the province, state, or region. Likewise for the display produced when you hover over the country flag in the Visits in Real-time widget.

I agree, need the state information back.

As far as I understand now they give free bases:

EditionIDs GeoLite2-ASN GeoLite2-City GeoLite2-Country

Everything else is probably paid

The maximum that I see is as in the screenshot, I think that in the free version there’s nothing more.

I just replaced the DBIP database with the MaxMind one, and the province / state / region is properly shown when I hover over the Country flag icon in the Visits in Real-time widget.

I don’t know whether the City widget is now showing the province / state / region information. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see whether the City widget is displaying this information properly. If not, I’ll report back here.

Right now, it seems as though the DBIP database either does not have Region information, or the code that processes this database is defective.

I also would appreciate having the state/province names as were shown with the Maxmind database, and the new database seems to be not very accurate for identifying the city of the visitor.

I also noticed I now have this alert in the Geolocation Tab which says:

Note: Cannot find apache_get_modules function, assuming non-Apache webserver.

Matomo cannot find any GeoIP $_SERVER variables.
You can configure used server variables [here]

It’s shared hosting and I’m quite sure it is an Apache server, and I’ve seen the alert on the three installations of Matomo I have on three different accounts. Any advice would be appreciated since I’m just a simple web designer with limited tech knowledge.

There is another plugin “IP 2 Location” in the Market Place of Matomo
I don’t use it, but try it, maybe it will start