24 hours of day in visitor log broken into 2 parts


Hello team,

piwik 1.2 I found in the visitor log a discrepancy in regards to visits listed for the day chosen.
Let me explain:
Visitor Log setting the day to March 8
I get listed visits from March 7 12:58 to March 8 8:47
Visits on March 8 before 12:58 are showing up in the visitor log of March 7

So, March 7 listing is
March 7 10:35 to March 6 13:21

The actual day is broken in 2 parts, midnight till noon (0:00 - 12:00) and noon till midnight (12:00 - 24:00) and showing up in 2 different logs of day.

I have to say, that my server is running not on 24hour clock system, it is running on am/pm.
Has it something to do with that, so piwik is not able to sort them correctly ?

Where would that to be fixed ?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

what timezone did you set the website to in Piwik?



my timezone is -6:00 hours (Canada Central). But this is fixed with “Kevin’s fix”