2016 Memory Issues

I see lotsa older threads about memory issues…I have been running Piwik on my Wordpress websites via VPS web hosting with no problems…I have always had a server wide php.ini 75mb memory with no problems…but, it seems with the last two updates I can no longer generate a report and automatic reporting is no longer happening due to “out of memory”. I just updated my php to 5.6. For a while, I was just generating tracking codes from my primary domain (about 15 websites that barely get 500 hits per month) but I have started to do fresh installs on each domain with a standalone DB install.

I really do not want to raise my memory limit to 1024mb…I am curious why things have worked well for so long and now it is a problem…I have three individual installs and one master. They all have problems. I only have one site that gets about 3000 visitors per month…the balance are all under 500. They are all Wordpress sites as well.

Also, I have turned off or toggled NO to Archive reports.

We recommend to set memory to at least 256Mb (even for low traffic websites). Does it fix the issue?

no, that did not and I even went to 1024. Not sure what is happening with the software, and, I have always appreciated the free aspect but, I need to find another solution. I have noticed significant inconsistencies with traffic reports in Piwik compared to my server stats in the past few months…so, it might be that the only real solution is to use your hosted solution which is not an option for my business model.

The hosted solution works in the same way as Piwik open source with regards to memory usage. For difference between your “server stats” and Piwik maybe this helps: Statistics from Piwik and my other web analytics tool (log analyzer, webalizer or javascript based) are different, why? - Analytics Platform - Matomo