2 ecommerce Problems

Hey there,

atually i have/found two problems with the “ecommerce” tool in Piwik.

One of them is already marked as a ticket: Ecommerce: Tracking multiple Product categories on an ecommerce page view does not work · Issue #2897 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
So i think i don’t need to describe it further. (if you have the same problem: Until it is fixed i just use one category - this is working fine.)

The other problem i found today is the following:
A customer buys an article , for example => 2x ITEM XYZ, price 1 Euro

In the product SKU and under the point productname it is listed right.
2x ITEM XYZ , amount: 2,00, price 1 Euro, total price 2 Euro

But under total receipts it is only counted once, so the price in total is 1 Euro (instead of 2).

Thanks for the good work and the great Counter tool :-).

Flaschenzug22, can you please create a ticket with screenshots showing the bug, and we will discuss inthe ticket, thanks!
The other bug will be fixed for the next release

I hope this is okay ?