2.15.0: Popup position will be ignored after changing Piwik Settings on Website (Opt-In/Out)


using latest version of piwik together with plugin version 0.4.0 of customoptput. i’m working with popup as written above.
when first try to show tracking settings poup, it will be shown in foreground. if you change the hook for do not track your visit, then the popup will be moved to the background.
this isn’t very comfortable.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2


Please report any issue with a Third party plugin directly in the plugin issue tracker eg. here: Issues · Zeichen32/PiwikCustomOptOut · GitHub



thank you for your advice.

The author of the third party plugin is answering as followed:

In the new version, i remove the optout logic from the plugin and use the piwik core optout mechanism.

(OptOutManager). So you should maybe better open your issue in piwik repository.

Some background:
Since modern browsers block third party cookies, piwik need to open the optout method in a new tab/window.