2.0 Campaigns to Lowercase


Since 2.0 now converts all campaigns to lowercase, is there a way to go back and convert all of the old campaign data to lowercase so I don’t have the same compaign showing up twice in longer reports?

When I look at a 2013 year report I have campaigns of Over250CPC and over250cpc (from post update).
I want to change all Over250CPC to over250cpc.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It’s possible, but there’s no “script” to do it yet.

ONLY do this if still have ALL logs from Piwik

  1. Update all campaign data in log_visit and log_conversion tables (check out the two columns _name and _keyword). This could be done in SQL using LOWER() function with a UPDATE statement…
  2. Delete all archive tables piwik_archive_*
  3. Execute archive.php log / script and wait for processing

I haven’t tested, but it works by changing the initial raw log data to lowercase and then reprocessing full data


Thanks Matt. Is there plans to make a script to do this?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

No plan at this stage