2.0.2 Error "No visualization found to render ViewDataTable"

Hello, I’ve just upgraded from a v1.x piwik installation to 2.0.2

It prompted me to either run the console command to upgrade or manuall execute the SQL statements which all went fine, I had extracted the latest.zip into my FTP and retained the config files.

However all my dashboard widgets (nothing modified, standard installation) all terminate on the “No visualization found to render ViewDataTable” exception as per the attachment

[attachment 1498 piwik.png]

Can you check that all files were uploaded properly? this could be a sign that some files were not uploaded. (PS: or try to upgrade to 2.0.3 which was just released)

I’ve uploaded the zip correctly, however can you direct me to the location of 2.0.3 as all I can see on Get Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo is the link to latest.zip which is 2.0.2

Version 2.0.3 resolved this issue