$1600 a YEAR for the good stuff?

I’m really struggling with this - $1600/year for the good plugins? Seriously?

Why on earth would I migrate across for this?

I was already struggling with the toll it was going to take on our db server, but far out… that’s insane.

What am I missing ?

I’m guessing no one can justify this.

Which plugins are you referring to?

Premium bundle- which basically has everything needed.


(Disclamer: The following is just my personal opinion and does not represent the Matomo team)

I totally disagree that Matomo is “$1600 a year for the good stuff”. The really good stuff that sets Matomo apart from anything else is in my opinion not some single premium features.
Instead, it is getting a complete analytics software with hundreds of features for free. And by “free” I don’t mean free of cost, but the far more important freedoms granted by the GPL license under which Matomo is published.

  • You can run Matomo any way you want without limitations
  • This allows you to keep all your data without sharing it with anyone else
  • You can study the source code and modify it to your needs
  • And you can distribute those changes so that others also benefit from it

And all of this is guaranteed to not suddenly disappear one day unless one could get all 247 people who have ever contributed to Matomo to agree to giving up those freedoms.

Compared to this, the premium plugins are just a few nice-to-have features that are not essential for most users, but on the other hand make it possible that multiple people can work full time to make the Free Software Matomo possible and even better in the future.

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I am very thankful for the great work!
But is it not possible that a lower price will bring much more customers and in the result more money for the developers?
I think you already thought about this, but that would be interesting to understand.