106% of my visitors are using Flash?!?

How odd: According to the list of plugins, 106% of my visitors have Flash enabled. So there are more Flash players than visitor browsers? Artificial intelligence?!? How do I have to interpret this?

non-IE users spoofing their UserAgent as IE.

Oh yes, I didn’t think about that. Sounds plausible.

Anyway, if that was the case, the algorithm would be wrong at that point: Obviously the plugins of non-IE users with spoofed IE-headers would still be recognized correctly. Therefore percentages must not be counted relative to non-IE headers but relative to all browsers where plugins could be detected.

Right now this Piwik plugin doesn’t consider spoofed headers - if I’m not thinking wrong, this could be considered a minor bug, right?

We left the detection in piwik.js in case Microsoft ever got around to following the defacto standard for exposing plugin information.

Spoofing is pretty much what it is. We expect a small percentage of visitors will do this (similar to spoofing other HTTP headers) or anonymizing through proxies, so we’ll tolerate bumps along the way. If it becomes a spike, we’ll take more action.

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