100% CPU useage, 150 request per second

My piwik is 2.16.1
Before using for service, I’m testing performance of piwik.

I have a problem

  • 140 ~ 150 request per second > 100% web server CPU useage
  • But momery less than 10%

I’m sure that DB is not load point. When load is 150 request, DB server had 35% CPU useage and 10% memory.
I don’t know where load point is. I want 1,000 request per second a server. Is it possible? I need help, please.

What I try to solve this problem

  • change provider : GeoIP(Php) > default
  • change archive interval : real time > 3600 sec
  • install and setting opcache

Web Server Specifications

  • CentOS 6.4
  • nginx 1.5.8
  • php5.5.38 (opcache)
  • 4core CPU
  • 4GB RAM

DB Server Seccifications

  • MySQL
  • 4core CPU
  • 4GB RAM


For 1000 requests per second I don’t believe 4GB RAM is enough. We run two 32 core Xeon 64GB web servers behind a load balancer with a separate MySQL server and we have less requests per second than you.

Also, you should upgrade your PHP to something newer in the 5.6.x release.

Thanks for your reply
I will upgrade PHP version and reply pefomance test result