[1.8.1] Importing Logs counting Downloads

(Dirk Deimeke) #1


I am using Piwik in several projects for quite a while now. Thanks a lot for your great work.

In a podcast project I want to count only the downloads of file type “mp3” and “ogg”. In an other project it would be nice only to count the pdf-Downloads.

How can I achieve this?

I am using “–enable-static” and this shows me each and every file, not only audio-data.

Any help welcome!

Another topic in this area is, how are downloads counted? Not every occurence of the file in the logs is a download. I am using a html5-player. Users might here one part of the podcast on their first visit and other parts on succeeding visitis. All together would be one download.

Currently I am using a perl script and sum up all the “bytes transferred” and divide it by the large “bytes transferred” for a given file to get an idea of the downloads.

Thanks for any support


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Tod o this I would recommend something first to write out the logs with only mp3 and ogg files, then import this log in piwik

(Dirk Deimeke) #3

Ok, thank you.

I was hoping there is a “more elegant” solution …


(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Please ask the question on the ticket: Log analytics list of improvements · Issue #3163 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub as there might be more elegant :wink:

(Dirk Deimeke) #5


Thank you