0.5.3 bug: page-titles and pages output still swapped!

you can manually change this behavior by applying the following patch:

Index: plugins/Actions/Actions.php
--- plugins/Actions/Actions.php    (revision 1721)
+++ plugins/Actions/Actions.php    (working copy)
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@
         $dataTable = Piwik_ArchiveProcessing_Day::generateDataTable($this->actionsTablesByType[Piwik_Tracker_Action::TYPE_ACTION_URL]);
         $s = $dataTable->getSerialized( $this->maximumRowsInDataTableLevelZero, $this->maximumRowsInSubDataTable, $this->columnToSortByBeforeTruncation );
-        $archiveProcessing->insertBlobRecord('Actions_actions_url', $s);
+        $archiveProcessing->insertBlobRecord('Actions_actions', $s);
         $dataTable = Piwik_ArchiveProcessing_Day::generateDataTable($this->actionsTablesByType[Piwik_Tracker_Action::TYPE_DOWNLOAD]);
@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@
         $dataTable = Piwik_ArchiveProcessing_Day::generateDataTable($this->actionsTablesByType[Piwik_Tracker_Action::TYPE_ACTION_NAME]);
         $s = $dataTable->getSerialized( $this->maximumRowsInDataTableLevelZero, $this->maximumRowsInSubDataTable, $this->columnToSortByBeforeTruncation );
-        $archiveProcessing->insertBlobRecord('Actions_actions', $s);
+        $archiveProcessing->insertBlobRecord('Actions_actions_url', $s);

It will work only for stats that have not been processed yet. You would have to manually apply the change after each Piwik upgrade if you wish to keep this behavior.

thanx for the patch. i’ll try it.

but so you do not understand the problem you create with the data moving to another category? and this means you’re not going to fix that?

i patched like you proposed and recreated complete archive (removed archive_* tables). it does not fix the problem i’m describing here!

i’m not shure if you got the point of the whole problem!

its NOT about new data that is processed AFTER upgrade!
It is about OLD data (recorded by piwik_action_name) that was shown under pages and now is not shown there anymore!

even after applying your patch i still do not see OLD pages under pages! i still see them under page-titles!

no one else cares about that buggy-change which is even visible in demo-piwik?

old urls that were visible under pages before upgrade to 0.5 and now are gone (this is wrong!):

old urls that were visible under pages are now under page-titles after upgrade to 0.5 (this is wrong!):

new urls after upgrade are visible under pages (this is correct!):

new page-titles after upgrade are visible under page-titles (this is correct!):

if one views a period where inside the upgrade to 0.5 was made, one sees a mix of page-titles and urls under page-titles (this is wrong!):

hopefully one of the developers now gets the point of the problem. i really do not understand why you do changes like this. its simply wrong!


no one?