0.5.2. new feature "Multi Sites" spaming my error_log!

(yamyam) #1

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I just noticed that on ONE installtion/server i am running piwik the new “Multi sites” module seems to spam my error_log!!!
On the OTHER server/installation where i am using piwik this error_log spaming does NOT occur, weird.

I do not get any error if i am surfing on the piwik installation or the regarding “Multi sites” page … but check out my attached error log please!

Whats this? style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif



(vipsoft) #2


(yamyam) #3

Hi Vipsoft,

ok, but what does this means? Is it a bug you will solve in 0.5.4?
If yes, why does it occur on one of my servers/piwik-installations but not also at the other server/piwik-installation?


(vipsoft) #4

means it’s fixed in http://dev.piwik.org/trac/changeset/1717

Perhaps your installations are running different versions.

(yamyam) #5

Hi vipsoft!

And this fix will stop spaming my error_log?
EDIT: indeed, just tested it, thanks.

No, both installations are 100% the same and 0.5.3.
So shouldnt be both having the same bug and spaming the error_log?
I just tested it with the other (unfixed) installation, no error_log entries!
Same version 0.5.3 - just different server.