0.4.3 install issues

(poetics5) #1

I’ve attempted to install Piwik off and for the past few weeks. After disabling a number of plugins that could possibly be the source of the issue I’m continuing to receive the following message:

Error: it seems you try to skip a step of the Installation process, or your cookies are disabled, or the Piwik configuration file is already created.
Make sure your cookies are enabled and go back to the first page of the installation .

Looking at cookie data I see the following cookies sent from the installation start page:

c14f6077314686fb3301c188d0daaffd=tvpdsnn13rk5fk082io4en4ul6; expires=Tue, 01 Sep 2009 23:52:53 GMT; path=/

piwik_auth=deleted; expires=Mon, 01-Sep-2008 23:18:20 GMT

There are no disabled functions, and to help pin point the issue piwik’s folder is chmod 0777 and owned by apache’s user.

I’m at a lost figuring this out as piwik fails to make it past the installation start page, any insight would be helpful. Our php backend is clustered, but clustering is kept transparent to applications and appears as your typical apache setup to applications. All other applications (wordpress, mint, kohana framework based) work without a hitch.

Thanks in advance,

(vipsoft) #2

Sounds like your PHP sessions aren’t being shared by nodes in the cluster and the installation isn’t occuring on the same node.

Please check php.ini’s session.save_path and session.save_handler. You might consider using memcache. I have not looked into it but you might be interested in NDB’s session handler, http://ndbapi.php-baustelle.de/trac/wiki/SessionHandler

(poetics5) #3

Hi vipsoft, php sessions are current stored via memcache. I’ll some tests to double check if there’s an issue with our session data store. Hopefully it’s something simple if this is the issue.